• 1996 | Aaron Brigatti Fan Site


    Aaron Brigatti's Louise Fan Site - The longest running but sadly no longer updated Louise fan site from way back in 1996!

    Louise on the WWW
  • 1997 | In Walked Louise Fan Site


    A fan site by Lars back in 1997!

    In Walked Louise
  • 1998 | The Is Louise


    A fan site by Dan back in 1998, This Is Louise

    This Is Louise
  • 1999 |


    Louise the one and only from 1999 lots of content!

  • 2000 | Louise-Nurding.co.uk


    One of the best fan sites ever made, Louise-Nurding.co.uk.

  • 2001 | Louise all that matters


    One of my all time favorites and a site i visited many times in the 90's and early 2000's.

    Louise ATM
  • 2002 |


    An american fan site which is still running today! One of the longest running sites.

    Louise a Yanks Point of View

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