The Early Years

Louise as a child

Louise Elizabeth Nurding was born on 4th November 1974 in Lewisham, London. As a child she always loved singing and performing. At the age of 11 Louise gained a place at the famous Italia Conti stage school. Whilst attending this school she became firm friends with Kelle Bryan.

Louise forms Eternal

In 1990 Louise was discovered dancing in a nightclub by manager Dennis Ingoldsby. Dennis introduced Louise to sisters Easther and Vernie Bennett, and the three girls quickly became good friends. After about a month Dennis proposed that they formed a group (his plan all along when he introduced the three girls). Louise invited Kelle into this group which later became known as "Eternal". Over the next two years the girls worked together to prepare for their launch.

Eternal Are Born

Louise in Eternal

In 1993, when Louise was 18 years old, Eternal launched their highly successful single "Stay". They followed this with another 5 singles, all of which made the top 20, and a multi-platinum selling album "Always and Forever". Eternal were the first UK girl group to sell over one million copies of an album.

Louise Goes Solo

Light of My Life Video

On 23rd June 1995 Louise shocked the world by leaving Eternal at the height of their success. It was a huge risk for her to take, but one that she made because she had become unhappy as a member of Eternal. The time was right for her to move on.

Louise Performing at Wembley 1997

In September 1995 Louise launched her solo career with the ballad "Light of My Life". She released seven further hit singles, and two platinum selling albums "Naked" and "Woman In Me". Louise also toured the country in the highly successful "No Sweat" tour in 1997.

A Break For Louise

Wedding picture

On June 29th 1998 Louise married Jamie Redknapp on Elbow Beach in Bermuda. They had been friends since they were introduced to each other by Robbie Williams whilst Louise was on tour with Eternal. Louise decided that since she'd worked so hard for the last few years as a member of Eternal and as a solo artist that it was time for a break, and a good chance to spend some time with her new husband.

Louise Returns

Elbow Beach Promo

In 2000 Louise returned to music with her album "Elbow Beach". This album was named after the place where Louise and Jamie got married. This was a very personal album for Louise and she co-wrote all of the songs. The album had two hit singles "2 Faced" (Louise's highest charting solo single) and "Beautiful Inside".

Louise Presenting SM:TV

Throughout 2001 Louise presented SM:TV and CD:UK for a total of 10 weeks. Once with Ant and Dec, six times with Cat Deeley in summer then another three with Cat at Christmas.

Pandora's Kiss

In 2001 Louise released a 4th solo album "Changing Faces", and the single "Stuck In The Middle With You". Louise toured the country again in 2002 on the "Changing Faces" tour. In 2003 Louise released Pandora's Kiss. This single was released to raise money for the "Tickled Pink" campaign towards breast cancer care.

Another Break For Louise

Louise with Charley

In early 2004 Louise announced her pregnancy. She gave birth to her son Charley on 27th July 2004. Initially Louise intended to return to music within about six weeks of giving birth, but after having Charley she decided to spend time with her son instead.

Louise Returns

Safe & White Promo

In 2006 Louise was ready to return! Early in the year she changed management to Merlin Elite. Early projects for Louise are mainly TV-based. She may be returning to music eventually, but not until the time is right. She made various appearances on TV shows for different promotions, and was a presenter of the hit TV series "The Clothes Show". She is currently the face of several products: "Safe & White" toothpaste for Boots, Organic Surge for "Think Happy", "Omega 3" by Flora, and Wrigley's Orbit Complete chewing gum.

2007 - Present

Safe & White Promo

In autumn 2007, Louise was unveiled as the new face of Triumph lingerie for 2007, 2008 and 2009.

In November 2008 The Redknapp Family were also unveiled as the Nintendo Wii Family for their Christmas 2008 Advertising Campaign followed by The Louise Redknapp Nintendo Wii Fit Campaign in March 2009.

In 2010 Louise and husband Jamie also fronted a new Campaign by Thomas Cook promoting their Holidays on TV and throughout the media.

In 2009, Louise filmed a follow up Documentary 'The Truth about Super Skinny Pregnancies' displaying the pressures on women to stay in shape during and after their pregnancies.

In September 2009, Louise presented The Farmer Wants a Wife for Five, a relaunch of a series which originally appeared on ITV in 2001. In 2009 Louise was also announced as the face of online fashion retailer Fashion Union.

In January 2010, Louise took over from Amanda Hamilton as the full-time presenter of the BBC Sunday morning programme Something for the Weekend.

In 2011, Louise made her acting debut alongside Ray Winstone as Diana Smith in the feature film The Hot Potato. She also became a judge on the UK version of So You Think You Can Dance, broadcast on BBC1.

Louise now has a cosmetic range, Wild About Beauty, which she launched with make-up artist Kim Jacob -

Quick Facts

Louise Elizabeth Redknapp
Maiden Name
Mum: Lynne, Dad: Tim, Brothers: Sam and Joe
Jamie Redknapp
(Married June 29th 1998)
Charley Redknapp
(Born July 27th 2004)
Beau Henry Redknapp
(Born 10th November 2008)
Date of Birth
4th November 1974
Star Sign
5 Foot 4 Inches
Eye Colour
Hair Colour
Naturally brunette, but usually blonde
Italian food & clothes shopping
First Hit
(with Eternal)
First Solo Hit
"Light of My Life"
1997 - 'Soft & Gentle'
2002 - 'Changing Faces'
Fave Singer
Stevie Wonder
2004 - FHM's sexiest woman of the decade
1999 - FHM's second sexiest woman in the world
1999 - In a motorists servey Louise was voted the 'Most Popular Dream Passenger'
1999 - Esquire's Annual Award for 'Woman you would most likely take to a footy match'
1998 - Smash Hits poll winner award for the Most Fanciable Female
1998 - GQ's Service to Mankind award
1998 - Best female solo act at Party in the park
1998 - FHM's third sexiest woman in the world
1998 - Sky Magazine's second most sexiest woman
1998 - Live and kicking hit miss or maybe award
1998 - Variety club's award for best female recording artist
1998 - Brit award nomination for best female solo artist
1997 - Comic relief red nose award for the best female pop singer
1997 - Brit award nomination for best female solo artist
1997 - Smash Hits poll winner award for most fanciable woman
1997 - Smash Hits poll winner award for best dressed female
1997 - Smash Hits poll winner award for best female singer
1997 - Melody Maker's top lass
1997 - FHM's fourth sexiest woman in the world
1996 - Comic relief red nose award for the best female pop singer
1996 - FHM's second sexiest woman in the world
1996 - Sky Magazine's second most sexiest woman
1996 - Smash Hits poll winner award for the best female singer
1995 - Smash Hits poll winner award for the most fanciable woman